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2 min readNov 11, 2021

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Teni had been waiting in the Dean’s office for nearly about an hour and her patience was running really thin. What was it with Nigerians and not always keeping to time.

If he’s not here soon, I’ll just leave and maybe try this next year.” She thought to herself as glanced at the new entry student sitting by her side.

This was the third time she had gone back to have her transcripts signed by the Dean, but she had been unlucky at every attempt. Maybe this was God telling her something? Besides, she didn’t want to have her postgraduate here, except it was easier to process her applications here; her Alma Mata.

But this place reminded her of so many beautiful memories she never believed she would have learned to forget; to act like they never existed- that Nini never existed.

She remembered her College days like yesterday. How they walked to class together, how they completed each other’s sentences and even shared the same joke. Everyone called them the gassing twins, as they literally did everything together. Their intense chemistry was comparable to a romantic relationship and even raised eyebrows whether they had a love affair, but Nini was her best friend. She understood her like no one else; she had found her soul sister forever, or so she thought.

Just as Teni had feared, they started drifting apart after their service year. Nini no longer picked up her calls or returned them. She wondered long and hard if being apart really could wreck their beautiful friendship. She had hoped that things would get better until their last conversation about a year ago.

I think we are growing apart, Nini. I’d like us to at least try to work this out. I know it’s a lot being in different cities and adulthood wahala, but I’m so sure we can work this out, if we do this together, please.”

She wiped the tears that rolled down her cheeks. This was a lot harder than she thought. She could hear her heart race as she waited for Nini’s response.

Life happens Teni, we grew apart. I’m sorry but I don’t feel this anymore, but we can always be friends. I hope you know that i don’t hate you or anything. It’s just... Life happens. I hope you understand. Have a great day.”

That was it. Teni held the phone to her ears as if it would change what she had heard. She felt her heart break into a thousand pieces. She had lost her best friend forever.



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